Local Girl Golfers Compete in a League of Their Own

Competing in a co-ed league, it’s great to give the girls a chance to shine.

Bloomfield Bengal Isabel Gonzalez
Bloomfield Bengal Isabel Gonzalez

A group of eight women’s golfers from local high schools got together on Monday June 2, to engage in what West Orange High School’s Head Golf Coach William Urbanski called “a friendly affair.”

The 2014 Mountaineer Girl's Golf Tournament was held at the Crestmont Country Club in West Orange. The girls played nine holes in total and competed against each other for three top spots.

Bloomfield Bengal, junior Isabel Gonzalez, took home the trophy for first place with a final score of 40.

West Orange Mountaineer, sophomore Rachel Ruffino, came in second place with a score of 41 and junior Bengal Alexandria Russomanno rounded out the top three with a score of 44.

Other participants include: Emily Neal and Grace Barrett of Glen Ridge, Kyrsten Fabbricatore and Tran Nguyen of Belleville, and Caldwell’s Alexa Fillion.

Designed to promote women’s athletics and women in golf, Urbanski said that the event was a “great time,” and that “everyone enjoyed playing.”

As part of the SEC, the girls normally compete in a co-ed league. Urbanski wanted to do something special for girls on the team, so he came up with the idea, spoke with the other coaches and tee-ed off on the idea.

The event was coordinated by Urbanski along with coaches from Glen Ridge, Caldwell and Belleville. Bob Downey, the Golf Pro at Crestmont and manager Rich D’Aries were also instrumental in putting the event together.

“It’s nice for the girls to have their own tournament to compete against each other,” said Urbanski.  

In the future Urbanski wants to expand the tournament to include more girls and more high schools.


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