Obama's College Scorecard Ranks Bloomfield College Low for Graduation, High for Student Loan Defaults

Scoreboard ranking all higher-education institutions in the country released by Obama administration this week.

The rankings are in for Bloomfield College.

On Wednesday, the Obama administration released a new interactive College Scorecard that offers students and parents basic information about colleges, including statistics on schools' graduation rates, tuition costs, average borrowing rates and employment history of former graduates.

So what does the new scorecard say about Bloomfield College? Here’s a quick rundown: 

  • The median cost to attend Bloomfield College is $16,011  a year for undergraduate students.
  • There is a 32.2 graduation rate among full-time students who receive a bachelor’s degree within 6 years
  • 16.2 percent of borrowers defaulted on their federal student loans within three years of beginning repayment, compared to 13.4 percent nationally
  • Families borrow on average $17,065 in federal loans for a student's undergraduate studies 
  • Average loan repayment over 10 years is about $196.38 per month.

The new College Scorecard was announced by President Barack Obama during his State of the Union address to the joint session of Congress on Tuesday. 

“... Parents and students can use [the new scorecard],” said Obama, “to compare schools based on a simple criteria: Where you can get the most bang for your educational buck.”

Bloomfield College Director of Public Relations Jill Alexander said that the graduation rate had held steady for several years. She attributed the student loan numbers in a large part to a lack of guidance. 

"The loan default rate has a lot to do with how many first generation college students we have," Alexander said. "They don't have anyone guiding them through the loan process.

Alexander noted that the school has implemented financial literacy courses designed to help students make informed financial decisions. 

Kevin February 21, 2013 at 04:56 PM
I find this very depressing as a Bloomfield College student. Many of the students feel that Bloomfield College is only about the money. It is very expensive. And all of your student loans and financial aid grants go to the school and leave most students broke and starving while attending. Its a real struggle. This school costs just as much as one of the IVY League schools. They brag about it being one of Forbes Magazines Top 100 schools. However, it's student based is mainly minority. And only a 32 % graduation rate is unacceptable. it seems as though something is definitely wrong with that. As I see more property being purchased by Bloomfield College ; it seems they are buying up the entire Bloomfield Center including the now closed Annie Sez...They have beautified the school; its gorgeous. But we have a 32% graduation rate and are the highest in loan defaults...wow..go figure...What is wrong with this picture? BTW the Financial counselors and people who work in financial Aid are very helpful....Its the costs of this school that is phenomenal . And that should be addressed. I know as a student I feel ripped off and oftentime manipulated...especially financially. And many of the professors attitudes stink. Its like well its your money who cares.
Kevin February 21, 2013 at 08:33 PM
I was just viewing the statement of account. Full Time Tuition @Bloomfield College per semester total charges $12,808.00 And so annually that would be $25, 616.00 You only receive: Federal Pell Grant $5550.00 per year and TAG Assistant State Grant $8682.00 per year. And this is if you are low-income. So $25,616.00 - $8682 = $16,934.00 So the low income student needs to find $16,934.00 to attend. This is just for tuition, not books and other supplies and fees... I can't imagine how much money some families have to really borrow for their children to attend this school with a 32%graduation rate....PRESIDENT "OBAMA" WE NEED YOUR HELP!
Larry Hayter February 25, 2013 at 11:35 PM
As a Bloomfield alumnus, I'd like to clarify a couple of misconceptions in the discussion. The average net cost (after government grants and scholarships) of $16,011 was for 2009 -- government works slowly -- and is shown on the scorecard to be at the low end of the "medium" range compared to all colleges. (The net cost varies with individual circumstances, based on family income and scholarships received.) The six-year graduation rate is a big problem, but it has gone up slightly from 26% to 32% over the most recent three years. The high school grade point averages and SAT scores of incoming freshmen have been gradually increasing, which suggests that future graduation rates should continue to improve.
Kevin February 26, 2013 at 09:11 PM
Thank you Larry for your input....However, are you for real? I mean the graduation rate has gone up from 26% to 32% like that's good or something? This is an institution of Higher Learning. And It is sad to have such statistics. I don't know, but are we talking about high school grade point averages? Does this include the Adult students as well? And the many who have returned to school years later? Could it be that this school is predominately comprised of Minority students? I'm very concerned about a 32% graduation rate. And it seems that many students are unhappy about having to continuously fail certain classes and continue to repeat them and pay for them more than once. It seems like certain aspects of the programs are geared to discourage the students. It really does seem only about the money and not about the student and their educational goals. Anyway you can say what you want but a graduation rate of 32% is ridiculous and unacceptable and sad . As well as it makes a statement that many are not learning at Bloomfield College and or passing. (FOR SOME REASON).
LaMont February 27, 2013 at 09:10 PM
The graduation rate is a very flawed statistic. First, it only counts first-time, full-time fall students. It does not count transfer in students, part-time students or other members of the community. Second - and this is the big one - the graduation statistic is only an INTERNAL measure. So, for example, let's say someone starts at Bloomfield, decides the bill is too high, transfers to Montclair and graduates, then that is NEVER captured. My guess is that more than 70% of the students NOT returning to BC left in good standing (GPAs over 2.5 with over 80% course completion rate). The grad stat is going to have to include national data to track students, especially with the way students weave in and out of institutions these days.


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