Joanow Endorses Venezia Ticket

Campaign says Councilman's endorsement is key.

The following is courtesy Michael Venezia's campaign.

Second Ward Councilman Nicholas Joanow endorsed the Venezia on Friday.

The Venezia Team consisting of Michael Venezia for mayor and Joseph Lopez, Wartyna Davis and Carlos Pomares for council at-large are Democrats running in the Nov. 5 General election.

Joanow said, “I am happy to endorse the Venezia Team, because we are like minded when it comes to preserving open space.  As an example, they are united with me in a common goal to negotiate in good faith with the developer of the Scientific Glass/ Liongate property to preserve this site and acquire it for recreational purposes.”

For years, Joanow has been trying to find solutions to the flooding that has been a real problem for residents who border the Third River and businesses downstream who are negatively impacted from rain events. In addition preservation of this flood prone property would eliminate a significant number of children from this development ( 104 townhouses ) who would be enrolled in one of our neighborhood schools which already is challenged for space.

Venezia said, “Our team is extremely proud to receive this endorsement from Councilman Joanow. Nick is an excellent council person who consistently fights for all the people in the second ward. When our team takes office, we will work together with Nick to rectify any issues he has in the second ward”


VOR October 21, 2013 at 08:52 AM
I watch the council meeting where Mollica showed Nick knew about the Liongate foreclosure the day the notice came out. We all know how Nick will babble about anything. You would think he would mention it once in a 9 month period before the property was sold for $1.2 million dollars. Nick was caught in his deceiption and he continues to create smoke and mirrors and blame everyone else for his failures and would rather be part of a "Political Machine" that destroyed Bloomfield than make a change. Let face it Herman Melville wrote Moby Dick and his main character Ahab had one purpose on this voyage: to seek out Moby Dick, a ferocious, white whale. It consumed Ahab and controlled his life and destroyed it. Nick has his Liongate and it his consumed his life and will destroy Bloomfield if Nick doesn't give up his hatred and this obsession! Non-partisan works for me but first the machine must be destroyed. Nick supporting the machine will not accomplish that. Maybe the Mayor supporting the Republicans will be that first step. All I know we got to get rid of what we got now because it aint working. By the way if the Republicans don't win I am out of here!
Pete Mock October 22, 2013 at 12:14 PM
xoxo, I don't follow your logic. Because Mollica is talking to the mayor means he will govern like him? Not likely. Have you ever spoken to Mollica, or heard him speak at council or planning board meetings? I don't see him converting to the dark side. On the contrary, everything we know about Venezia and his track record, as well as what's laid out above, would suggest that Venezia is much more likely to give us what the mayor has given us for 12 years. And I don't want any more of that.
Occidentalist October 22, 2013 at 12:25 PM
I'd go so far as to say Venezia would be WORSE than "more of the same". At least McCarthy had experience and a vision, no matter how bad you think it might have been. Venezia has no vision and no experience. Really all he would be is Pete Stromolo's puppet. Kick Venezia in the butt and you're sure to break Stromolo's hand. Plus, I'm going to have to go ahead and throw out that Venezia is definitely prejudiced. One of the issues he is running on is a promise to "crack down" on Barbershops' that are hangouts. Well, when I was speaking to Fred, owner of Brookdale Barber, he mentioned confronting Venezia about this issue. Venezia assured him that Brookdale Barbers' was "safe". This can mean only one thing: Venezia is targeting Barbershops owned and patronized by black men. This is what Venezia chooses to feature for his campaign? Bloomfield doesn't have more pressing issues that worrying about who is hanging out in Barbershops? Tsk tsk tsk.
xoxo October 22, 2013 at 01:02 PM
I can not say that I disagree with you with the Venezia and Strumolo ties. However, I look at the Mollica ticket and the Republican party. They are a mess. Everyone who knows anything knows that after talking to Mollica, he has no leadership skills at all. Talk to people who have left his campaign because of "personal" reasons. Humphries leaves because of personal reasons and then applies for a seat on the Board? What's that all about? Remember that Mollica has lost an entire line of candidates. That just shows his lack of leadership and his lack of ability to motivate. Is that what we want in Town Hall? A leader who can not motivate and lead? Then there are issues. Mollica and the Republicans were highly aligned with Lonegan, a true tea party loser. They even invited this loser to their headquarters. Lonegan and the Tea Party wackos is just not what Bloomfield is all about!! On the other hand, Venezia invited Booker to his HQ and Bloomfield voted for Booker 2 to 1. Booker is now a senator and that could mean $$ for Bloomfield if Venezia plays his card right for us and not the machine. Mollica has no way to raise money and bring in the $$ for us. Lonegan is certainly not going to bring Bloomfield any $$. Then the Bloomfield Republican Tea Party got that wacko Santana talking about helping everyone in the 3rd ward acquire a concealed weapons permit. That's all we need for our property values, another Newark in our 3rd ward. And no leadership by Mollica to denounce Santana's silly idea, which means he agrees with the other Tea Partiers, the more guns, the better. We certainly don't need that in Bloomfield. You are all right, Venezia is a flawed candidate, but Mollica doesn't do anything for Bloomfield except he is not McCarthy. Mollica has no idea of how anything works in town. What has Mollica offered except that he is not McCarthy? As unpopular as the Mayor is right now, and again you are all right about that, why would anyone like Mollica give him the light of day? What is he, trying to learn all of his bad habits? It's because Mollica has no ideas of his own. It will be all of our jobs to hold Venezia to the fire and force him to produce for us or he is out in 3 years. We have to get off our butts and demand better, not just replace the bad with just as bad. The next thing we need to do is to make sure that Strumolo is voted out as the party chairman and we make Venezia make that happen or he is out in three years. Whatever our opinions are, make sure we vote and we get everyone we know to vote on November 5.
VOR October 22, 2013 at 02:05 PM
The issue xoxo is that Nick did not tell the truth. He knew about Liongate being in foreclosure and failed to do anything about it and is creating an emotional deception by promising a soccer field on Liongate. Nick is no better than Strumolo in my opionion.....do whatever lies it takes to win and stay in power. You argument that Mollica doesn't know how anything works in Town is illogical. You read his Parking Authority letter? Based on what I read and watched he knows that there is a political machine that get donations from vendors and then the vendors get the town contracts. I like Mollica. I agree non partisan is the way to go. But that has its issues too. Do you really think Strumolo will let you hold Venezia's feet to the fire? If Venezia wins (God forbid) then Nick is out next term. Strumolo kicked him out once and he will kick him out again. I read the Mayor's letter and I can't believe at 32 years of age Veneiza was handed an $80,000 taxpayer job through Strumlo. That is who you support because Nick tells you? Veneiza failed to bring money to Bloomfield when he worked directly for Lautenberg. Wasn't he demoted for failing to keep track of the tunnel project for Lautenberg? You now expect him to get money from Booker? For the initial segment of his campaign it appears Mollica trusted the wrong advises and was smart to get rid of them. He has a HQ and signs and literature and a lot of voleenters. Must be getting money from somewhere or maybe he just effecient and a man of the people unlike Venezia who is a man of the politcal donors. Branding lies on social media sites and in mailers is all Venezia has. Still when I was 32 years of age I wish someone handed me an $80,000 do nothing taxpayer job!


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