Impeach Obama? Visiting Activists Compare Obama To Hitler

Set up outside a Montclair post office, the so-called LaRouche Political Action Committee was drawing a lot of attention on Wednesday


It rarely gets more controversial than this.

Today, outside the U.S. Post Office on Valley Road in Upper Montclair , a table has been set up by members of the LaRouche Political Action Committee asking passers-by to assist them in getting President Obama impeached.

Decorating the table is a photo of Obama with a drawn-on Hitler-like mustache.

Needless to say, people going in and out of the post office—or the Starbucks next door—were not very happy.

"This is outrageous ... and outside the post office?!  You're all crazy!" one person shouted.

But the two young people manning the table—who said they were from Bergen County—spoke thoughtfully about their review of the last three years of the Obama administration's policies, starting with the Haiti earthquake where—against the advice of people on the ground—"Obama chose to do nothing to move refugees out of flood zones and hundreds of poeple died of cholera unnecessary."

"This madman is putting us on a trajectory toward the biggest of all possible atrocities, thermo-nuclear war, with his rumored agreement that Israel should launch a strike on Iran (which will lead to the annihilation of Israel) and the U.S. Navy will finish the job—leading to war with Russia and China," the pair's literature said.

The two noted that the only option now is to remove "Emperor Obama from office under Section IV of the 25th Amendment. There were many in Germany who claimed to disagree with Hitler's policy, who thought that he would be removed by the next election. That failure to act in time proved to be a disaster for the human race."

The two said they chose to stand on Valley Road outside the post office because of the location's high visibility.

They asked stunned residents to contribute money to the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee and to sign materials aimed at getting Obama impeached.

rusty shackleford May 10, 2012 at 02:17 PM
Jmdejesus - Laroucheites are nuts, but lets quit playing the race card. There are small minorities of racists on BOTH sides. The left criticized Bush for legitimate reasons and the right never said "he's the president, deal with it" or "quit hating on the white man". Obama has a tough job, like every president before him, and part of it is accepting legitimate criticism for policies that people don't like.
Dboc June 16, 2012 at 01:52 PM
I love this country, it is no different from any other, there are people of all walks of life, and beliefs, but it is fascinating to see and hear some of the wackiest things people have to say or believe, there are fanatics everywhere, and the scary thing is how can these people pass IQ tests?
Neechie Kita December 27, 2012 at 08:18 AM
Yes ppl should say he is PRESIDENT...His title should be acknowledge. This country put him in office and then complains that he is there but everywhere I look..Ppl do not call him PRESIDENT OBAMA...In a respectful generation you don't go and call your friends mom by her first name you refer to that person with a title...(If you were raised to be respectful/manners) He is President and he should be called just that TITLE PRESIDENT OBAMA....You don't have to like him he doesn't need you too...because enough AMERICANS HAVE PUT HIM IN OFFICE!!!
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