Alleged Shoplifter Crashes Car on Bloomfield Ave

Car involved in short police pursuit following a shoplifting attempt.

UPDATED: Bloomfield police closed off the Bloomfield Avenue and Grove Street intersection late Thursday morning after a suspect fled police following being seen attempting to shoplift from Home Depot.  

Sgt. Anthony Servedio of the Bloomfield Police Department said an officer working an extra duty job called out a shoplifter leaving the Home Depot.

Driving out of the parking lot, the suspect's vehicle struck but did not injure the officer.

Servedio said that a few moments later, a patrol officer spotted the vehicle. When the suspect saw the patrol car, he fled and crashed into another vehicle. The suspect and an occupant from the second vehicle involved in the accident were taken to local hospitals for non-life threatening injuries.  

 Servedio said the charges on the suspect are robbery, two counts of aggravated assault, eluding and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose.

Enzo DiCostanzo February 21, 2013 at 10:02 PM
So, here's the score (just for February 2013) , Montgomery and Berkeley ave shop robbed at gunpoint, Broad and Benson shop robbed at gunpoint, and now Home Depot shoplifting suspect fled and endangered the safety of 100's of people while recklessly driving and eluding police and finally colliding into another vehicle! The vote in Bloomfield in November 2013 will impact how these situations and the conditions leading up to these situations are handled by our municipal government, that you can put in the bank! Your municipal government hands out 'no work' politically motivated township jobs to people who are not interested nor capable of preventing crime, catching suspects in the act of criminal activity nor tracking down after the fact those dangerous suspects.
Steve February 22, 2013 at 08:43 PM
Who has been handed a "no work" politically motivated township job which has anything to do with crime in Bloomfield? The unfortunate reality is, Bloomfield is situated next to cities with high crime rates and its spilling over. The police department is short men and even if they were at full stregnth they wouldn't be able to quell all the crime. Its impossible. You must have a political connection yourself to make blatant false allegations.
Enzo DiCostanzo February 27, 2013 at 06:55 AM
I forgot to add to the running total of these types of incidents, the two gas stations on Bloomfield ave robbed at gun point in January 2013, so that's four armed robberies within four weeks....my community policing advice is to have a 'neighborhood meeting' with cake and have an 'interaction' and 'exchange of ideas' with the people who robbed these businesses...that will stop it, no doubts.....


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