NicoleandGabi Presents Personalized Educational and Creative Gift Choices under $40

NicoleandGabi Presents Personalized Educational and Creative Gift Choices under $40
NicoleandGabi Presents Personalized Educational and Creative Gift Choices under $40

Gift ideas to inspire children

The Holiday Season is rapidly approaching and that means it’s time to start shopping! The process can sometimes be daunting and after hours of countless searching you finally find the perfect gift and the price tag leaves you scratching your head. No need to look any further, we have done the searching for you and found our top choices for personalized, creative and educational gifts for under $40! These gift ideas will inspire children to use their imaginations and think creatively. Giving the gift of creativity, imagination and education are the greatest gifts you can give and they will last a lifetime.

Visit NicoleandGabi for The Most Creative Personalized Affordable Gifts for Kids!

Here are two of our top choices. They are personalized and hand painted pieces of art and it’s that personal touch that will leave a child feeling very special!

Freeze your special moments with Picture Frames

Capture all the stages of life with various custom designed, hand painted picture frames. They make great gift ideas for the child who loves to play sports and is proud of the team he/she plays for. Great way to remember teammates, coaches and those very special trophy days. These frames can be custom designed with team colors, athletes name and athlete’s number. These frames can also be personalized to suit any special occasion and designed for invitations, nursery bedding, or room décor. It’s also a wonderful way to always remember the theme of a child’s first birthday party or those special holiday moments spent as a family.

These hand painted, custom created works of art can be personalized just for your child. You are only limited by your imagination, the possibilities are endless!

Go Green with Organic Pots

 Go Green this Holiday Season and teach your child about the environment and how plants grow. Get them to think like scientists and cultivate a love of nature. These organic pots can be a perfect gift for kids and are hand painted in designs sure to gain the interest of any young child.Your child will love to watch their very own organic vegetables grow! Imagine the excitement when they get to pick vegetables from their plants. What a great way to teach kids about healthy eating habits, why going green is important and the impact these positive choices can have on our environment. Every change starts with one small step! These pots are sure to be a hit with the kids this Holiday Season!


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