Montclair State's Inventors Day Spurs Creative Ideas From Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Winning team received $10,000 from MSU alum AJ Khubani, who founded TeleBrands while still in college.

The following was submitted by Michael Jaccarino:

The TeleBrands Inventors Day for Aspiring Entrepreneurs Tuesday at Montclair State University was the culmination of the first year of the school’s recently launched Feliciano Center for Entrepreneurship program.

Four teams of three-to-six students each spent two semesters creating business models and marketing plans for new products, as well as hypothetical methods for obtaining capital funding—all in conjunction with volunteer mentors. 

They pitched their work Tuesday to a panel of judges that included TeleBrands CEO and President AJ Khubani, a Montclair State alum who founded TeleBrands in 1983 while still a student at the school. TeleBrands is the oldest direct response marketing company and is best known as the creator of the "As Seen on TV" logo and trade category.

The winning team received $10,000 from Khubani and TeleBrands to continue to try to make their product a marketplace reality.

The winning “Sport Your Sole” group consisted of Rory Collins, Patur I’Skemmuni, Mackenzie Krauss, Caroline Regan and Kelly Stanckiewitz. The “Sport Your Sole” is an adhesive sticker intended to be affixed to the bottom of high heel shoes to add a fun twist to footwear. Tuesday’s Inventors Day was the first of four events that will continue at the school until at least 2017.


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