Teen Who Sued Parents Posts Party Pictures on Facebook

Rachel Canning appears in several photos with red cups, boyfriend parents warned against.

Rachel Canning in a recent photo posted to her Facebook page. Photo Credit: Facebook
Rachel Canning in a recent photo posted to her Facebook page. Photo Credit: Facebook
Two of the conditions set by Rachel Canning's parents for her to return home, according to court documents, were to halt the partying and stop hanging out with her boyfriend.

It doesn't seem she's heeded the warnings.

Canning, an 18-year-old Morris Catholic senior from Lincoln Park, made national headlines earlier this year when she sued her parents for private school tuition and living expenses after moving out of her home in the fall of 2013.

At the heart of the issue was the differences of opinion – or rules – in the Canning household, in which the teen was alleged to have been "obsessed" with drinking parties and spending all of her time with boyfriend Lucas Kitzmiller. 

Despite moving back home just a few weeks after a Superior Court Judge in Morristown denied the teen's lawsuit, photos of Canning have shown up on her personal Facebook page of her at a party with classmates and friends.

"While the pictures don’t necessarily prove that Canning was engaging in underage drinking, there are several images that show the teen at a crowded party, chugging from a red plastic cup, kissing a boy on the cheek and hanging with her boyfriend Lucas Kitzmiller," according to my9 Chasing NJ, which first reported the story.

Canning was accepted to Western New England University and awarded a $56,000 scholarship, but the school has a strict zero-tolerance policy on underage drinking, according to my9.
Dame Bridgid April 13, 2014 at 08:33 AM
How incredibly stupid of her. My college student reports her workplace declined to hire someone else for an internship recently when they spotted "solo" cups & these type of party shots on that person's facebook. I wonder if she will sue the college when THEY kick her out for underage drinking? That scholarship is as good as gone.
bayway mike April 14, 2014 at 11:47 AM
Can't believe that this piece of shit is still having her 15 minutes of fame..
triptakers April 16, 2014 at 07:55 AM
Patch, you're selling out. Let this family figure out their junk without gawkers. You can do better than this - this is NOT news, it's sensationalism.
MissElanyS April 17, 2014 at 08:49 AM
@triptakers, what do you expect from the Patch? They are no longer reporting news and have fired all of their professional staff and hired people off the street with no experience or journalism training whatsoever. Even the National Inquirer has more experience on their writing staff than the Patch. What you are reading here is bird cage liner.


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